ATILA VENTURE PARTNERS LTD was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing venture capital services to entrepreneurs in Europe. Our team has many years of operating experience in the US in the high growth technology sectors of Microelectronics and Information Technology and is qualified to provide entrepreneurs with venture capital, advice and support. The professionals at Atila Venture Partners have had specific experience in the segments in which we operate in order to provide the right level of advice to entrepreneurs and their companies. Atila Venture Partners has its head office in Bermuda and local operations in Austria and Switzerland. We also have a consulting office in Germany.

Achieving good returns in venture capital is increasingly dependent on good operational management of target companies following the initial investment and this sector has begun focusing on employing fund managers with extensive experience in optimizing the management of companies. This is particularly important in small technology businesses where sales and marketing experience is often lacking. Our management team has many years experience of managing technology and industrial businesses, particularly in sales and marketing and this will be used to support target companies. After the investment, the management of the target company will often need to be strengthened or restructured. Our experience in advising such processes will greatly assist this purpose.

The executive team of Atila Venture Partners Ltd consists of the following members:

James Keyes
Gregory Tolaram
Don Dunstan
Giampiero Marghella
- Chairman
- Deputy Chairman
- General Manager
- Director, Swiss Branch