Atila Ventures presently advises the ETV (European Technology Ventures) fund. ETV invests in microelectronics, IT, e-business and telecommunications in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.

For ETV, investments are made in all stages of Private Equity from seed to pre-IPO. However, most investments are start-up (typically second round) and expansion capital (typically third/fourth round). In special situations ETV may consider leverage buy-out deals. ETV understands the long-term nature of the venture capital business.

The favourite investments are in companies that

  1. have proprietary technology that present clear entry-barriers,
  2. are active in a high growth market and
  3. are headed by a strong management team that wants to implement the plan fast and become profitable quickly.

In some circumstances, lack of proprietary technology can be compensated for by other clear entry-barriers combined with a first mover advantage.

ETV typically invests between EUR 2 million and EUR 10 million and typically acquires minority stakes in companies. Founders and management typically own the largest share of the company.