ATILA VENTURES principally invests in companies that are active in selective technology fields and can point towards defensible barriers to entry either through patents, technology or clear market leadership in their respective sectors.
The primary technology segments are:
Microelectronics e-business Information Technology Telecommunications
Atila has built up a technology team with many years experience in the segments in which it specialises. In addition, the members of Atila’s Investment Committee are able to complement the internal expertise which collectively helps the portfolio companies during their development, expansion and exit phase.
The experience gained in industry sectors by the management team, industry expert partners and Investment Committee members will help Atila Ventures to select, evaluate and value investment opportunities and also help successful growth strategies.
Achieving good returns in venture capital is increasingly dependent on good operational management of target companies following the initial investment. The private equity sector has begun focusing on employing fund managers with extensive experience in optimising the management of companies. This is particularly important in small technology businesses where sales and marketing experience is often lacking. The experience Atila Ventures' management team has in managing technology and industrial businesses, particularly in sales and marketing, will be used to support target companies. After the investment, the management of the target company will often be strengthened or restructured. The Atila management team's experience in advising such processes, their existing network of experts and contacts with leading executive search consultants and business schools will help for this purpose.