Atila Ventures’ research and due diligence process focuses on speed and technology and consists of three stages. The intensity of research and due diligence performed on any target company depends on results of on-going research and, as a result, Atila’s level of interest in continuing the process.
The 3 stages are as follows:
  • Deal-Flow is examined according to Atila's "Sifting Model" in which a number of basic investment criteria are checked. At this stage a broad brush "MCT" review of market, competition and technology, a management check and check of growth and exit opportunities may be performed.
  • First level Due Diligence consists of detailed MCT research - for which Atila's world-wide network will be used and independent research may be initiated -, valuation analysis and management audit as well as research on other operating issues essential for achieving the targeted business plan.
  • Second level Due Diligence is performed after an LOI is signed and consists of further in-depth MCT research as well as formal Legal, Tax and Business Due Diligence.